HurrySundown (hurry_sundown) wrote in its_snow_day,

Okay, so I'm pushing "fashionably late"

Snow, darling, if I were more with the creative and less with the merely functional, I'd be showering you with pics and fic about now. Instead, I'm just gonna tell you how much I adore you for any number of reasons, including (but not limited to) your fic fabulousness, your madd bakery skilz, and your ability to turn out well-adjusted children. Oh, and your uncanny ability to get me to click on stuff I have no business clicking on (at work, anyway). You rock in the very best sense of the word.

Alas, no b-day smut!fic, but I do have this absolutely true story: I was in PetsMart yesterday buying Canine a new collar, and standing in the aisle next to me was a v. delicious sandy-haired blue-eyed boy-person trying to decide between a haltie (a band that turns the dog's head if it tries to pull at the lead) and a mesh muzzle. So I walked up to him and asked, "Control issues or aggression?" at which he looked rather, um, stunned. "Y'know, does your dog have control issues or aggression, because those things you're looking at are for two different problems." Light dawns, he says, "Oh," and blushes to his roots. Turns out the problem child is his first-ever puppy, which explains why he thought I was being rather, well, forward.

Happy birthday Snow, and many, many more!

*smooches you hard*

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