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Dirty Lies, Just For You

Title: Career Moves
Author: Maren
Pairing: David Boreanaz/Jason Behr
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: Dirty lies.
Author's Note: Only Snow could inspire a femslasher to write her first m/m. . . and dirty RPS, at that. Happy Birthday Snow!

He’s getting a reputation for doing shitty straight-to-DVD movies so when he gets the script from his agent, Dave decides to turn it down. It’s not a bad part; three years ago, before Bones, he would have snatched it up. But now he could have some mobility if he can manage to show a little fucking restraint and be just a little picky about his next film project.

Dave throws the script on the coffee table and slouches back in his chair. He hits the speed dial and waits for his agent to answer.

Eight minutes later he’s ending the call and running a hand through his hair.

In a few days there’ll be a contract for him to sign and in two months he’ll be playing the older brother in an indie crime drama, costarring Jason Behr.



The read-through comes two days after Bones has wrapped for the season and Dave is tired and maybe a little cranky. Part of him would rather be at home, sleeping in and playing with Jaden and otherwise taking things easy for a couple more days. But the other part, possibly the bigger part and definitely the part below the waist, has been anticipating this for weeks. He hasn’t seen Behr in over a year but the last time, in Vegas, had been particularly memorable.

Memorable enough to get him to sign on to play another Irishman with a criminal background for a no-name director. Memorable enough for his dick to get a quarter of the way hard at nothing more than the thought of Jason’s pretty mouth. And now that they’ll be in each others space for the next few weeks. . .

Well, Dave’s tired, but some things are worth the sacrifice of down time.

Jason’s already there when he walks in, sitting at the table and talking to the girl who’s playing his love interest. Katee something-or-other, and if this were any other shoot he’d be interested enough in the wicked slant of her smile to make sure he remembered her last name. But this isn’t any other shoot and Jason’s sitting there, flashing his white teeth as he laughs at something she says. Dave watches them from the doorway for a minute, lets his gaze wander over Jason’s muscularly lean body, relaxed in a sprawl as his fingers tap against the edge of the armrest. Everything about him is long and loose, just like Dave remembers, and he has to adjust his stance as his body reacts.

The movement draws the girl’s attention, a flicker of her eyes and a shift in her smile from flirtatious to polite and guarded. Behr’s eyes follow her gaze and then he’s looking up at Dave, eyes dark and intense through the screen of his hair.

Jason nods at him. “Dave. Good to see you again, man.”

Dave nods back in greeting, walks to the table and slides into the chair at the opposite end from Rob, the director. He’s about to introduce himself to the girl when Rob interrupts the low buzz of conversation to get things started.

He tries to keep it professional during the read-through, keep his attention on the script and the notes he’s taking and off of Behr and the way he keeps shifting in his chair. Definitely tries to ignore the way he looks at him through that fucking veil of hair anytime Rob gives them feedback about their characters’ interactions. By the time they’re finished for the afternoon, Dave’s got an ache centered in his balls and his dick is one dart of Jason’s tongue to his lips away from hard.

Grabbing his script, he stands and stretches, watches as more than one set of eyes track down to catch the flash of bare skin between his t-shirt and jeans. So fucking easy, and he shoves on his sunglasses so they can’t see the roll of his eyes.

On the way out, he brushes his fingers against Jason’s forearm, smiles as he catches the hint of a shudder. “Hey man, it’s been a while. Why don’t you come by my trailer and grab a beer? We can catch up”

The suggestion is casual, off-hand, not at all evident of the fact he’s been planning this from the second he heard Behr was attached to the project.

“Yeah, sure, sounds good,” Jason replies, just as casually, but there’s a smirk playing at the edge of his lips and Dave can’t wait to wipe it off.


They get two steps into his trailer before Dave spins and pins Jason against the wall, his hands braced on either side of Jason’s head. Behr is smiling, amusement painting his mouth at the same time his eyes are sparking with something hot and needy. Dave leans in, presses his hips into Jason’s and rocks.

“Heard you got married. Congrats.”

Behr sucks in a breath at the contact, his smile fading as he grabs Dave’s waist and rocks back. His fingers push under the hem of Dave’s t-shirt, thumbs finding the crease of his pelvis over the waist of his low-slung jeans and he presses in and down and under the band of his boxers.

“Thanks. How’s your family?”

Dave turns his face into Behr’s neck and rests his lips at the jumping pulse.

“Good.” He groans as Jason slides one hand around and into the gap in the back of his pants and pulls them even closer as Dave rocks again, harder. “Fuck, good.”

“Good,” Jason agrees with a nod, his breath catching as Dave shoves a hand between them and cups the length of his cock through his cargo pants. “God. We caught up yet?”

Dave huffs out a laugh that gets smothered by Jason’s mouth. He thinks he tastes a hint of smoke in the wet heat before he stops thinking and just feels. The kiss is hard and fast, not a hint of foreplay in it because that’s not what this is about. This is about quick hands fumbling at flies, Jason’s hand wrapping around his cock and pulling it out of his jeans at the same time he frees Behr’s. It’s about gasped breath and quiet groans as their cocks press together, rub and slide, send sparks down his spine that make him shudder and gasp.

Jason maneuvers him until its Dave’s back against the wall and then he drops to his knees, smiles up at him and traces the pulsing vein in his cock with a wide lick of his tongue. Dave’s hips buck forward at the wet tease and his eyes narrow, hand wrapping in Behr’s conveniently long hair to pull him closer. He can feel Jason’s smile against the head of his cock but then he forgets it, forgets it all as those wicked fucking lips open and then Dave’s surrounded by the heat of Jason’s mouth.

He wants to fuck Behr’s throat raw, but they have weeks together this time and it’s a little early in the reunion for that. So he relaxes his grip on Jason’s hair and forces himself not to thrust, not too much, not as Jason swallows his cock and rolls his balls and only when Jason’s finger moves back and presses does he lose control. Dave swears under his breath, hand tightening to hold Behr in place as his hips snap forward one more time and Jason’s ready for it, throat relaxed and open and he works Dave all the way through, pulling off just before it’s too much.

Dave looks down at Jason with his red wet lips slightly parted as he breathes out in a staccato of puffs, still aroused and on edge. He drops to his knees and slants his mouth over Jason’s, grips the hard length of his cock, thick and heavy and hot as he moves and when Behr comes, all Dave can taste is himself.

“Fuck,” Dave mutters when they finally break apart and begin to move. Jason grins at him, sated and sleepy around the edges of his eyes, and Dave shakes his head and grins back.

They make it to their feet, straighten their clothes. Dave’s already thinking about the next time, hoping they at least make it to the couch in his trailer because his bum knee is fucking killing him.

“I think I’ll take that beer now,” Jason says as he buttons his pants. There’s a hint of a laugh in his voice and his fingers are shaking just a little. The sight makes Dave’s grin widen.

This is going to be one hell of a shoot.
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