It's Lion Turtles all the way down (lettered) wrote in its_snow_day,
It's Lion Turtles all the way down

Happy Birthday!

Happy Snowday, Snow!

You always brighten my flist, and I think you give so much to fandom, I wanted to do something for you, and so I thought of Lindsey, and closed my eyes and wiggled my nose, and produced super SUPER short fic, shorter than drabble short. I hope you have the bestest day; you deserve it. Excuse the sorry pun of the bitty-ficlet title.

* * *

Come In Threes

She came thrice.

“Don’t you dare,” Lindsey sneered, seething, “bring her in. Isn’t a reenactment. It’s just fucking.”

“Don’t think so.” Angel looks thoughtful. Or cruel, maybe. Never tell which. “Blood came first. That can count. Come, that’s two. Three releases, Lindsey. I want it.” Fingers brush skin. Lindsey shivers, snarling. “You need it,” Angel tells him. Lindsey’s still damp: sweat in hair, wet between thighs, blood staining throat. “Three words, Lindsey.”

They came, compulsory. “Fuck me again.”

“It will do.”
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