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Happy Birthday, Snow!

You deserve to have the happiest of happy birthdays, Snow.

You're kind, open-hearted and have a way with language that leaves me - and everyone else reading - absolutely breathless.  You're a special, wonderful person and you enrich the lives of everyone who knows and loves you.

Have a fantastic day!

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Happy Birthday, Snow!

*hugs!* I am always so pleased by your comments, and I'll ditto Meg on the pear lusting. :) It's either that, or taking a trip down memory lane to old seventies basements, dusty motel rooms, and summer lakes when reading your fic. You write with an intensity that borders so much on the edge of reality, I always come out of your fics thinking I've actually been there with those characters. Thank you for that. Thank you so much for sharing it, too.

That being said, I'm offering up three meager drabbles from the stalker!verse, and you get first look at them. even if you didn't get to request them. ;P I'll post them later in my journal when their number comes up. :)

Hope you have a lovely day and enjoy all the boys presents. :) *twirls*

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Happy Birthday, Snow!
Jsquared brown [NO sharing!!]

Ficlet: One More Shot. RPS. David/Chris.

Hey baby...

Wanted to give you something for your birthday to show you how much you mean to me. You're one of the sweetest persons I know and I don't think I tell you that often enough. Kind and loving and generous and you make people around you feel better about themselves and life in general. Just... yeah. Love you very much, baby.

It's not much. A little over 1000 words of RPS smut with two of your favourite boys, David and Chris. Written in some hurry so not my best work but it's porn and that's what counts, right? Anyway, here you go. Hope you enjoy.

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River Scribbles

Happy Birthday, Snow!

Here’s to a gal that can take the everyday ordinary English language and create visions rich enough to take your breath away. (Or make you crave pears for the next couple days, as the case may be… *g*) I wish you a fantastic year of health, happiness, and plenty of guilt-free chill time.

I also come bearing a meager offering of DB/CK in your honor. ;-)

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Happy Snow Day!

Happy birthday to someone who keeps this fandom happily humming along. I don't think we tell you enough how much we appreciate all the work you and your co-editors put into su_herald, yet every one of us depends on your efforts to find great fic. It's a tiring, often thankless job, yet you do it with grace, enthusiasm and love. You are fandom's heroes, and we are lucky to have you.  

Wishing you the very happiest of birthdays, Snow. You deserve it. *hugs*